Maria Inês Vieira Ferreira

I started training with Marco around a year and a half ago – after coming to work in London, in a very stressful and demanding job.
I had been training for some years already (mainly gym classes, cardio, some non-structured weight training as well). I was feeling OK with my body, but had lot of back and shoulder pain an posture issues. I met Marco at the gym and was very interested in his very holistic approach. He combines lots of nutrition knowledge with a carefully customized training program, taking into account my back issues, and how to strengthen my weak muscles to improve posture!
I can say that the experience has been amazing — I feel fitter and stronger than ever before, hardly have any back pain — and I definitely feel that my body composition has improved so much! I used to train 7 times a week — sometimes really long hours — but definitely was not doing the right thing for my body! Marco has taught me how to take care of my body in an efficient and healthy way: I now train four times a week, mostly weight training, with some HIIT sessions from time to time.

I would recommend training with Marco to anyone – either if you want to lose weight, recover from old injuries, improve your body aesthetics and compositionimprove your health and nutrition, etc. I can say I am in the best shape I have ever been :)
Really worth it! Thanks Marco!