Age: 35

Occupation:  Electrical Engineer

Hi, my name is Murray Drew. I am 35 years old and I am originally from South Africa .

I have played rugby and ran professionally for 10 years, I have also been weight training since age 24 and I am an Electrical Coms Engineer.

In 2007 I started having pain in my left side of my upper back, it all started as a small pain but subsequently got worse until I was virtually unable to train, turn my head to the side or make any sudden movement. Sleeping was also impossible and used to wake up exhausted after restless nights. That went on for about 6 months while I went to see doctors, chiropractors end eventually an osteopath.

Finally after spending a few hundred pounds without any improvement, I made up my mind and decided to see Marco as a last resort regarding my back pain.
Marco is a personal trainer who I met at the gym where I used to train regularly, he ran a few quick tests in 5 minutes and explained to me that some muscles were extremely tight and that I had what he called Muscles Strength Ratio Imbalance between my chest and upper back muscles as a consequence of improper training and bad posture caused by the repetitive nature of my job. After three subsequent stretching sessions which lasted twenty minutes each three  days in a row the pain went down at least 80 %, that was enough for me to hire him as a my personal trainer.

The first session I ever took with him he ran a specific test he called Structural Balance Test, he later explained that he needed it to find out which muscles were weak and causing the pain as the stretching sessions would only get rid of the symptoms but not the problem itself.With the results of the test he then designed a personalized rehabilitation training program with weight to realign joints, bring muscles’ strength ratios and posture into balance.
It was not easy, but after following his prescribed routine for 6 weeks my back pain not only completely disappeared to never come back but also I got a lot stronger and feel now much better. I would advice to anybody who does not to want risk injury stay healthy and get maximum benefit from training to seek Marco’s professional advice.

May 2017

Rod Jones

As an amateur triathlete I suffered a tendonitis type knee injury which was very painful and went on for three years, and I was still unable to train after several months of physiotherapy.I met Marco in the gym where I train and spoke to him about it, and he explained all about biomechanics and how best to condition the body. I undertook a 12 week personal training programme with him, targeting increasing strength, addressing muscle imbalance and improving flexibility. Sure enough, 12 weeks later I am back training and happy to say pain-free. I found Marco to be a very honest and enthusiastic trainer with an excellent in-depth knowledge of what was wrong and how to fix it.

I will be keeping in touch with Marco and updating my maintenance training with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend personal training with Marco as you will definitely improve under his guidance.

Rod Jones.