Weak or tight muscles are a result of repetitive work, bad posture or years of improper training.

This can cause the joints to become out of proper alignement decreasing their function, worsening posture and ultimately leading to impaired health: Upper or lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder or siatic nerve pain can result.

With Biomechanical Assessment we identify the imbalances of the muscles’ kinetic chain to find out which muscles are causing pain – if there are any – impairing health or decreasing sports performance.
Then Structural Balance Testing follows.

With Structural Balance Testing we identify the client’s muscle to strength ratio which is compared with Optimal Strength-Ratio data.
Only then a tailored Weight Training Programme combined with specific stretching will be designed to offset improper strength-ratios among muscles, realign the joints and most importantly, to eliminate the problem

Who can benefit from the above :

Athletes (Improved Sport Performance)
Driver or Employees with desk jobs (Repetitive work
People who stand on their feet for several hous a day
Women whose pregnancy affected their posture or that never exercised before

Anyone with bad posture or chronic injuries or pain.