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Sports Performance Programme

Sports specific training programs are designed for professional or recreational athletes as they require specific training methodologies to match the demands of their respective sports.

These programs are designed to improve the athlete specific function required for the specific sport and are not suited for general trainees.

As an example, whilst a rugby player might need to increase his body overall muscle mass and strength in a functional way to increase speed, maximal strength and  power , a swimmer might need just the opposite: power-endurance in his torso with LESS total body weight to increase hydrodynamics.
What about a kick boxer attached to a weight class?

As you can see the three examples should have very different training programmes to prepare them for their respective disciplines.This is what it’s called sports specific strength and conditioning.

On the other hand what about the people who just want to get fit, or are new to weight training or just tired and frustrated of training for a long time without any noticeable results? Obviously the general population will not train as an athlete as their training goals are different.

General training programmes are designed to meet this need.

What can you do for your Clients?

Services Included

  • Nutrition & Supplementation

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  • Biomechanical Assessment

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  • Flexibility Training

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  • Injurie Rehabilitation

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  • Conditioning Sports Performance

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My goal is to train you not only to achieve your ”dream body” or improve your Sports Performance but above all: to make you and to keep you fit and healthy.


Sam Harvey


Age: 30

Occupation:  Physiotherapist

I contacted Marco eight weeks before I was running the Ealing half marathon.  My goal was to reduce my running time and achieve a personal best for this event.

Marco devised me a personalised training plan that covered each day’s training session and rest days until the race and included a running program, weights program and strength and conditioning program.  He also wrote me an individualised post- workout supplement plan and an overall nutritional plan.

I only gave Marco eight weeks to get me in shape to run a personal best time so he wrote me a training plan that pushed me quite hard.

However, after one week into my eight week training plan I had a set back where I was unable to train for a whole week.  Marco adjusted my training plan accordingly to what was only a six remaining weeks training plan.

Marco was very supportive throughout my training and if I had any questions regarding the training or nutrition, he was only a phone call away.

Race day came around and despite my setback and only 7 weeks of structured training; I ran a personal best time I am proud of.

I am grateful to Marco for all his help.



Age: 31

Occupation:  Swimming co-coordinator 

Hi, my name is Mira,

I work as a swimming co-coordinator and swimming instructor at a large fitness corporation.

I have a Master Degree in Sports Science and, I have been swimming competitively for six years. I also enjoy Skiing, Skating, Cycling and Running, but after moving to the UK my workouts consisted mainly in swimming.

Last year I started training for a triathlon competition inspired by my friend and triathlon coach David. I trained hard and in spite of not having previous experience and that I placed well I felt I could have done much better, at times I felt that I did not have enough strength to push harder while riding the bike.

I knew that my cardiovascular fitness was on spot, but I could not understand what happened to my legs.

After commenting it to my coach, he told me that I have great potential of being a good triathlete however, he advised me on seeking help from a professional Strength Coach to address the matter of my lack of strength and power.

So, I started enquiring about the personal trainers I knew from the company I work for and from the feedback I got from the people he had trained earlier I decided to talk to Marco regarding my problem.

After meeting Marco and a brief chat, I was impressed by his knowledge regarding anatomy, strength training and especially nutrition as I would later find out how important the later is.

I have to admit that initially I was concerned regarding weight training as Marco suggested as I did not want to “bulk up” but, I wanted to improve my sport performance and look my best: flat tummy, thin legs and absolutely no love handles!!
After reassuring me, he took my hormone profile to correct my nutrition and then he performed what he said was a Structural Balance Test to design my weight training program aimed to correct muscle imbalances.

Long story short: to my amusement in just six weeks into the nutrition and training programs that Marco designed I dropped three kilos of fat got stronger and look the best I ever did. It was not easy as discipline is needed, but I feel wonderful, full of energy and the best part was the attention I received on the beach last summer in Florida!!

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