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Competitive Fitness Programme

Is being  big and ripped enough? …

Although the above is  needed, a winning  physique needs to be symmetrical and posses good posture and balance between lower and upper extremities and between lower and upper body not to mention definition and  remain HEALTHY !!

More often that not, fitness and body builders  athletes have a great run and look great at the contest only to crash few days later and balloon to  a nearly obese condition over the next 2 months, this is due to the hormonal abuse, the extreme dieting and cardio regime to get in shape or a combination of all that.

The common problem is lack of planning and academical knowledge regarding training and nutritional methodology.

My personal opinion is that such athlete should stay in shape all year round and should have to lose no more that 5 or 6 per cent fat in no more that 8 weeks prior to the contest

Services Included

  • Personalised Diet

    Muscle mass diet and supplements, Cutting phase diet and supplements, Peaking diet (two weeks out and stage )

  • Biomechanical Assessment

    Biomechanic Assessment allows us to design superior training program which yields faster and superior results.

    Training programs designed through Biomechanics testing  are created based on the genetic potential of the athlete as well as his/her needs rather that bodybuilding staples and drugs.

  • Injuries Rehabilitation

    Training injuries can hinder an athlete’s progress.Training around injuries or adapting the training process is not an option.

  • Contest Preparation

    Peaking Nutrition leading to contest shape including carbohydrate loading and dehydration.

    No tanning or posing routing offered.

Type of Clients I have Worked with


My goal is to train you not only to achieve your ”dream body” or improve your Sports Performance but above all: to make you and to keep you fit and healthy.



Lisa Carrodus - Marco Berta Personal Trainers

Lisa Carrodus

Lisa Carrodus is trained by Marco Berta.
In 2013, she became Miss Nabba Universe.

“Confidence is that feeling when you know you have prepared, studied, applied yourself – have freedom of doubt, believe in yourself and your abilities!
Coaching and mentoring improved my confidence while on stage. I felt relaxed and happy whatever the outcome as i knew i had done all i could!
Be Confident be free of doubt in everything you do.”

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