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Body Transformation & Health Programme

The majority of people who join a gym or take exercise do it for these main reasons : they want to look and feel better.

Weather you are a casual trainee or a dedicated one does not make any difference, you need to train effectively and you need  to eat properly to achieve results, you can not out-train a bad diet.

During a body transformation course, training and nutrition programs must be carefully designed to meet the needs and individual features of the person such as sex, lifestyle, metabolic individuality, postural problems or injuries to name a few and most importantly, they must be based on science, not fitness fashion.

Unfortunately, this is the reason why following programs obtained from Instagram trainers or “Instatrainers” rarely deliver the expected results.

At MBA STRENGTH,Training programs and nutrition protocols are periodically reviewed and changed according to routine testing protocols and expected progress made during the weeks into the program.

Remember: a training program is only as good as the time it takes you to adapt  to it.

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Individual Services Include:

  • Metabolic And Body Composition Analysis

    Metabolic analysis,Micro-nutrient status, Lifestyle analysis.

  • Postural Assessment

    Posture assessment, Injuries assessment, Flexibility assessment.

  • Goal Specific Nutrition And Supplement Advise

    Body transformation nutrition and supplements recommendations.

Cardio & Weight Loss

Programmes Available

Weight Loss Camps

One on one training and group training (up to 4 people at any one time ).

Bridal Weight Loss Camps

3 months length and 6 months length periods

Non Competitive Fitness and Bodybuilding

For aesthetic and health.

GP Referrals


My goal is to train you not only to achieve your ”dream body” or improve your Sports Performance but above all: to make you and to keep you fit and healthy.




I returned to training with Marco after 3 years during which time I had my third child and had been back at the gym three times a week for two years.

After two years training on my own and although I was regularly in the gym I felt I was getting stronger but i was not getting fit like I was when training with Marco so I was eager to train with him again to speed up the process and because I knew from training with him previously that he would look at the whole picture and not just my training programs…

After arranging a meeting he looked carefully at my diet and ran a few movement   and postural tests… he called those:  a biomechanical and nutritional assessments.

He then used that information to create the right diet and training programs that suited me.

Within just 6 weeks I felt stronger and was less bloated as my diet meant, I was finally eating foods that work well for my specific metabolism and training needs.

By the end of the third month after starting both dieting and training, my body shape had been transformed and I continued to get fitter and stronger.

After 6 months is it is hard to believe how much I have changed, my old cloths falling off me   and feeling really strong and energized.

I love the training programs which are always challenging and expertly tailored to my needs.

Marco changes my programs every 4 weeks so that my body is constantly challenged and does not get too used to any one program.

The main reason for returning to Marco is the fact that his theory and in-depth knowledge combined with his practical experience actually work in reality.

Equally important to me is how honest and straight   Marco is   about the fact that the theory  will only work if you are committed and disciplined about any necessary changes to diet and to regularly doing the programs properly.

Thanks to Marco I am back on track, feeling really challenged at the gym and my diet has totally changed the way I feel and how I look,



Bogna Connor

Age: 35

My name is Bogna, I have a 2 year old daughter.

During my pregnancy I put a few extra pounds as it is usually the case, the  problem was that my stomach muscles were stretched too much during the pregnancy and after delivering my baby girl they did not return to their  state they had lost their function and my stomach was no very lose and hanging out.

I was referred to the physiotherapist after seeing my GP, who told me that my condition was called diastases recti  which is a weakening and separation of the abdominal muscles due to the strain placed upon them by the pregnancy.

He gave me some exercises to rehabilitate them which I stacked to diligently for 5 months and as they got slightly better I as discharged from therapy.

Unfortunately after a couple of months I noticed that my abdominal muscles gap was widening again and I started to suffer low back pain, it was so bad that I could not lift my daughter up any more.

I decided then to start exercising on my own and took up a diet to lose weight and after a couple of weeks I was jogging everyday for about 30 minutes.

After 5 months on this diet and exercise routine,  nothing had changed or improved to my disappointment  as a result  I got depressed, I was stressed, moody and tired all the time.

Sleeping was very difficult too, I would wake up 2 or 3 times every night and stay up for 2 or 3 hours very often, I also hated watching myself in the mirror and although I was hungry all the time I  felt guilty when eating.

The whole situation put a strain in my relationship with my amazing husband; I had no desired for intimacy and felt very uncomfortable taking my clothes off in front of him, even though I love him our sex life was almost nonexistent.

So I decide d to go for cosmetic surgery and found myself trying to save £5000 and looking out for a good surgeon.

During my endeavour to get the money for the surgery I would often talk to my friend   Kym Shaw-Gray who had had a baby a month and a half earlier but was already back in the gym   training with weights.

I told her that my girl was 2 and a half years old but I was still unable to do sit ups least alone  to lift her up so she suggested I joined the gym she was going to.

I did it and after I joined I was offered a complimentary training session by one of the gym trainers but somehow I did not find it helpful even though e was a nice guy and after commenting this to my friend   Kym so she gave me the phone number of the person that had previously trained her, that was how I got to meet Marco Berta.

Just 4 months after I started to train with Marco my body and life have changed 100 %, he taught me to eat according to my genes and metabolic needs, in 15 weeks of training I lost 10% body fat, I reduced my waist size by 8cm and dropped   a  dress size not to mention the 12 lb of muscle gained which completely reshaped my physique, now I can eat more without getting fat again.

I feel younger, my energy levels sky rocketed, sleep much better and recovered my confidence so I am determined to keep training until I look my best ever, needless to say that my husband is over the moon.. if you know what I mean!

I wanted to tell my story to help other people who feel trapped like I felt, I never believed I could do it, at least until I met Marco who not only taught me what I needed but also made me to believe in myself.

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