Sam Harvey

Age: 30

Occupation:  Physiotherapist

I contacted Marco eight weeks before I was running the Ealing half marathon.  My goal was to reduce my running time and achieve a personal best for this event.

Marco devised me a personalised training plan that covered each day’s training session and rest days until the race and included a running program, weights program and strength and conditioning program.  He also wrote me an individualised post- workout supplement plan and an overall nutritional plan.

I only gave Marco eight weeks to get me in shape to run a personal best time so he wrote me a training plan that pushed me quite hard.

However, after one week into my eight week training plan I had a set back where I was unable to train for a whole week.  Marco adjusted my training plan accordingly to what was only a six remaining weeks training plan.

Marco was very supportive throughout my training and if I had any questions regarding the training or nutrition, he was only a phone call away.

Race day came around and despite my setback and only 7 weeks of structured training; I ran a personal best time I am proud of.

I am grateful to Marco for all his help.

Sam Harvey