R. B

Age: 68

Marco began training me four years ago. I had been skinny all my life, and I was middle-aged. I wasn’t sure if it would possible to develop a muscular shape. Although I want to continue developing I am delighted with the result so far.

Marco made it clear from the start that good results can only be obtained from the twin disciplines of correct diet and intensive training. He is very fond of using the phrase ‘there are no short cuts’.

He set about assessing my strength and designing training programmes to increase function where it was most needed. He constantly revises these programmes in order to set new challenges for muscle groups.

He designed a diet for me based on my need to gain weight, and this he has monitored and adjusted in order to ensure that my gains consist of lean muscle rather than fat.

It must also be said that Marco is an excellent mentor; he makes you believe in yourself.

Doubts inevitably creep in, but he is always there with encouragement. For me Marco has been inspirational.

R. B