Age: 19

Occupation:  Rugby player

Before I met Marco I trained on tips from rugby coaches and things I picked up from books and magazines.I also had no idea about how and when to train and eat. As a result, despite training as often as five times a week I saw small and infrequent improvements in strength.

In just three sessions Marco completely redesigned my training routine and taught me the correct technique to perform the key exercises that he included in my new training program. He also designed my diet according to my “Genetic and Metabolic Profile“ as he called, after running a test he calls biosignature Modulation not without explaining the reasons for all these changes so it did not seem overly technical. That made me realize about the potential benefits of learning to eat for life according to my genetic make-up in terms of health, athletic potential and general wellbeing. After 6 weeks I saw a huge improvement in the gym, making big increases in strength session by session despite doing fewer and shorter training sessions. I also lost 3 kgs of body fat and have noticed large improvements in my overall strength, power and speed on the rugby pitch which was my original goal. I am now thoroughly committed to Marco’s training methodology.