Age: 31

Occupation: Swimming co-ordinator

I have a Master Degree in Sports Science and, I have been swimming competitively for six years. I also enjoy Skiing, Skating, Cycling and Running, but after moving to the UK my workouts consisted mainly in swimming.

Last year I started training for a triathlon competition inspired by my friend and triathlon coach David. I trained hard and in spite of not having previous experience and that I placed well I felt I could have done much better, at times I felt that I did not have enough strength to push harder while riding the bike.

I knew that my cardiovascular fitness was on spot, but I could not understand what happened to my legs.

After commenting it to my coach, he told me that I have great potential of being a good triathlete however, he advised me on seeking help from a professional Strength Coach to address the matter of my lack of strength and power.

So, I started enquiring about the personal trainers I knew from the company I work for and from the feedback I got from the people he had trained earlier I decided to talk to Marco regarding my problem.

After meeting Marco and a brief chat, I was impressed by his knowledge regarding anatomy, strength training and especially nutrition as I would later find out how important the later is.

I have to admit that initially I was concerned regarding weight training as Marco suggested as I did not want to “bulk up” but, I wanted to improve my sport performance and look my best: flat tummy, thin legs and absolutely no love handles!!
After reassuring me, he took my hormone profile to correct my nutrition and then he performed what he said was a Structural Balance Test to design my weight training program aimed to correct muscle imbalances.

Long story short: to my amusement in just six weeks into the nutrition and training programs that Marco designed I dropped three kilos of fat got stronger and look the best I ever did. It was not easy as discipline is needed, but I feel wonderful, full of energy and the best part was the attention I received on the beach last summer in Florida!!