DateBody WeightBody Fat %Lean Mass (Muscle)
06/05/201175kg (165 lb)39.6%46 kg (101.2 lb)
4/07/201171 kg (156.2 lb)26 %52.5 kg (115.5 lb)
22/11/201169.2 kg (152.2 lb)20.6%54.9kg (120.8 lb)

I returned to training with Marco after 3 years during which time I had my third child and had been back at the gym three times a week for two years.

After two years training on my own and although I was regularly in the gym I felt I was getting stronger but I was not getting fit like I was when training with Marco, so I was eager to train with him again to speed up the process and because I knew from training with him previously that he would look at the whole picture and not just my training program.

After arranging a meeting he looked carefully at my diet and ran a few movement and postural tests. He called those a biomechanical and nutritional assessment.

He then used that information to create the right diet and training programs that suited me.

Within just 6 weeks I felt stronger and was less bloated as my diet meant I was finally eating foods that work well for my specific metabolism and training needs.

By the end of the third month, after starting both dieting and training, my body shape had been transformed and I continued to get fitter and stronger.

After 6 months it is hard to believe how much I have changed, my old cloths falling off me and feeling really strong and energized.

I love the training programs which are always challenging and expertly tailored to my needs.

Marco changes my programs every 4 weeks so that my body is constantly challenged and does not get too used to any one program.

The main reason for returning to Marco is the fact that his theory and in-depth knowledge combined with his practical experience actually work in reality.

Equally important to me is how honest and straight Marco is about the fact that the theory will only work if you are committed and disciplined about any necessary changes to diet and to regularly doing the programs properly.

Thanks to Marco I am back on track, feeling really challenged at the gym and my diet has totally changed the way I feel and how I look,