Kym Shaw – Gray

I had 3 sessions with Marco and He opened my eyes to training as a woman.
I used to run and use the machines in the “ladies section” three times a week
After 9 months of dedicated training I saw no change in my body shape and felt I was working hard for nothing.

After my sessions, Marco taught me how to use free weights and how to train in the “Men’s section”, along with his expert nutritional advise.
To my surprise I have since not done any cardio or running and have lost body fat and gained muscle.
I also use a protein shake which I thought men could only use, which helps build muscle.
I initially thought I would get huge but this is not the case.
I am glad that I have learned how to do strength training and I can now see the benefits

My body has become more toned and I no longer feel “wobbly”.
Thanks to Marco I have now realize that there is more to gym than cardio.