I have been training with Marco for over five years.

In the past, I used to train very hard and, even though my training routines were varied and expertly planned by Marco, the results were not as good as I expected.

I work full time and at my age I used to find myself tired and lacking energy at times, especially after one of the training sessions with Marco as he has been training me hard.

Despite telling me for years about how important a personalized and goal-oriented eating program was and how supplements help achieve and maximize my goals, it wasn’t until five weeks ago that he gave me an ultimatum: I both stopped complaining and did what he told me or find another trainer.

Since I was afraid of getting fat I reluctantly started to eat what he told me and using the supplements he recommended.

The results were shocking, even though I am now eating way more than I used to, in just five weeks I got rid of the fat I could not lose before!

I now feel more energetic and very pleased with the results.