Online Consultations

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Online Consultation

Nutrition assessments and training program design are also offered online.The person interested needs to fill in a contact form and must submit a questionnaire Par Q.

Once the funds have been received a series of documents will be sent to the person, who needs to fill the documents in and  email them back.

These documents contain questions regarding personal information and further information needed for dietary recommendations as well as training program design for example, body fat percentage, body weight,training history,time available to train, available training equipment etc.

All personal information will be kept safe and will never be disclosed to third parties.

Once the information has been analyzed the nutrition and training program will be sent.

For further questions regarding online nutrition and programs please refer to the FAQ section on the site.


Services Included

  • Nutrition

    Weight Loss

    Female Weight Loss

    Muscle mass Gain

  • Training Program Design

    Weight Loss.

    Muscle Mass Gain.

    Posture Correction

Benefits of Online Coaching Sessions

My goal is to train you not only to achieve your ”dream body” or improve your Sports Performance but above all: to make you and to keep you fit and healthy.

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