Nutrition is perhaps one of the most overlooked factors of the training process, no matter if a person trains for body transformation ,competitive fitness, sports performance or injury rehabilitation.

When assessing new clients who made little progress in spite of training for years or those who suffer chronic injuries, their reply to my question was very often: “my diet is good…”after further questioning, almost always turns out that my ninety year-old grandmother was eating more than them, their diets were not as healthy or good as they thought they were or they thought they could out-train a bad diet.

On the other hand, nutrition it is also one of the most talked about and confusing subjects both in the gym environment and the general population trying to lose weight and feel better.With overwhelming and contradictory information in the press and the internet, people go back and forth between old beliefs and new dieting trends in the hope of achieving a dramatic weight loss in an impossible time frame or increase their performance overnight.

Regardless your training objective, there is only one optimal diet that will help you to achieve your goal: the one that works for you.

At MBA STRENGTH, we analyze your unique factors that determine what, when and how much you should eat to achieve your goals within the shortest possible time and of course, we tailor the nutrition recommendations to your lifestyle as much as  possible. After all, what is the purpose of great recommendations if you can not follow them!

Only then you and we know how to optimize your performance and very likely your health.

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