Recovering  from an injury can sometimes be a challenging endeavor.

Some injuries can take longer that expected to heal others, can cause more problems such as imbalances and weakening of other muscles. They can heal improperly developing into chronic injuries which decrease function and quality of life and some, may never heal at all.

There are several factors to take into account when attempting to recover from an injury.

The correct sequence of actions taken immediately after the injury occurs, and the training methodology followed when the rehabilitation can begin, are of paramount importance for the successful rehabilitation process.Also, endogenous (within the body) and exogenous (outside the body) factors play a crucial role in the healing process.

Another critical factor for a successful rehabilitation is the speed of action to assess and treat the damage. The later is very often, carried out extremely slow by the NHS due to the burden placed on it,where a patient faces sometimes a waiting list of several months before he or she can be seen.

At MBA STRENGTH,we look upon all the factors involved in the rehab process including nutrition.Yes, NUTRITION IS a big factor in the recovery process among many others and almost no one looks upon it, and we also believe that a successful outcome is a person who is stronger than before.

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