The onset of injury changes the lifestyle and priorities of a professional or amateur athlete. Therefore, nutrition must be fine tune to delay loss of fitness as much as possible and to optimize the recovery process.
Specific dietary adjustment need to take place to achieve all of the above and inclusion of specific nutrients to aid or speed up the healing process will provide an edge for the successful recovery.
Injury rehabilitation nutrition is often overlooked as part of the treatment and can often be the cause of delayed or incomplete recovery.
For example in case of severe trauma, the net nitrogen balance if often negative (system is catabolic.) this causes down -regulation of anabolic hormones which help with the healing process.If this is if coupled with long term insufficient calories intake, the length of  recovery can be dramatically delayed.
On the other hand, if a person is very active and his of her mobility is severely diminished such as a broken leg, measures must be taken to prevent weight gain as well as muscular catabolism caused due to inactivity.

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