Body Transformation.

Body transformation is the process of losing body fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle, withing a determined time frame.

Simply losing weight does not guarantee a firm and toned body, due to the fact that more often that not, the amount of muscle lost in the process is equal or more that the fat lost.The reason for this is usually improper nutrition.

Careful manipulation of macro- nutrients as well as individual micro-nutrient requirements and metabolism need to be assessed for the successful outcome of the training process. Therefore, nutrition must be tailored to address both individual needs as well as optimize muscle gain.

Female Specific Weight Loss.

Due to metabolic differences between males and females, nutrition for weight loss is more complex for females.

Different and specific aspects of female metabolism, need to be taken into consideration when designing a nutrition plan.

MBA STRENGTH dietary recommendations are based on metabolic analysis,anthropometric  measurements and nutrient assessment to guarantee maximum muscle gain and fat loss.

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