Biosignature Modulation is a novel concept in fat loss and overall health.

It is a 3 month-long course to get rid of unwanted localised fat.

It was developed by the world’s most successful strength coach and it is being used not only by world’s top athletes to improve performance but also by celebrities who need to shape up very fast.
The method consists in taking the fat thickness readings of specific skin folds which highly correlate to the person’s hormonal profile.

Because hormones act on specific tissues, if a particular hormone is out of healthy balance it can cause fat gain in the area of the body where that hormone interacts.

For instance, if the hormone cortisol has been out of balance for a long time as can be discovered with the biosignature modulation, an increase of abdominal fat can be expected which normal dieting and exercise will not help to shed until the hormonal imbalance is addressed.

Biosignature Modulation does just that.

After testing for the specific hormones which cause localised fat gain (abdomen, thighs, so called ‘love handles’ , gluteus, legs, back of the arms, etc..) a natural nutritional protocol is applied to address the hormonal imbalances that cause fat gain.

This is the reason why most diets fail miserably to shape bodies.

You can lose ‘Total body weight’ rather than localised fat tissue and go down a dress size without looking the way you want to.

The key to fat loss and a dream body is to bring the main thirteen hormones that affect metabolism into balance, and combine this with a sound exercise regime. Simply cutting back on calories and dietary fat might help to lose some weight but it leads nowhere near to a lean, fit, healthy and strong body.