Marco Berta Andreu

 Strength And Conditioning Specialist.

Since my father was a Judo Sensei, I was involved in competitive sports from a very early age. I  practiced Judo,Karate and  Aikido but I also enjoyed swimming  and playing basketball.

At 18 years old, I became interested in weight training in order to develop my physique  which was a bit skinny for my height. So after 3 years of  training I became a competitive bodybuilder. This led me to work in several gyms in my native Argentina and, after moving to the UK, to get qualified  to pursue a personal training career.

While working in the UK as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for a large fitness corporation, and due to my relentless desire to acquire knowledge, I came across some literature on strength and conditioning for athletic performance.

While going through the books and learning the basis for athletic training methodology, I then understood the difference between “personal training and the fitness industry” and, a professional Strength and Conditioning Specialist, who must pay attention and take care of all the factors that affect the outcome of the training process and therefore, the end result.

I then embarked myself on a journey to learn not only about training methodologies,but  also to learn more about all the factors that affect the outcome of the training process such as nutritionmetabolism, health , biomechanicsposture assessmentinjury rehabilitation and much more.That  journey took me several times to Sweden,Germany, Irelandand the USA.

I have since applied  Olympic-level science- based knowledge to train not only professional athletes from different sports, but also a vast array of people with different needs: weight loss and body transformation clients,people suffering from years of chronic injuries ,postural assessments and exercise prescription,competitive bodybuilding,nutrition for cancer survivors and people HIV positive wanting to improve their bodies and health.

I’ve assessed and successfully coached professional soccer players from Reading Football club, Arsenal, Southampton, Stoke City and  other clubs as well as  Lisa Carrodus for over a year, who took her NABBA Figure World Finals title in Italy 2013. Competitors in kick boxing, triple jump, rugby and track and field as well as  business men and women.


“Training is efficient if the highest fitness or sports result is achieved with the least expense of time and energy”